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We are back from Historicon 2018
We had a good show sales wise and a great show game wise. Our Modern and Post Apocalyptic games were hits. And I got in 2 Bolt Action games at night. A big thanks to the HMGS staff who did a great job dispite the sad state of the Host.
Next year is in Downtown Landcaster

Stan Johansen Miniatures Lines
28mm Jihad Moderns, Steam Punk and Road Warriors, NEW 28mm Colonials
20mm Boxer Rebellion, Moderns and Road Warriors, 
15mm and 25mm SF.

All in Stock - all sets come unpainted alloy contains lead

20mm Road Warriors
26 different sets - 121 different figures, 4 bikes, 2 vehicles, Armor and 37 Weapons.

Great weapons, drivers and gunners sets for your "GASLANDS" vehicles
Canada and UK customers Up to a $70.00 order only $12.00 Postage

Road Rage Rules

"Road Rage" Core Rules  -  Driving, Weapons, Firing, Armor, Damage and The "Death Race" scenario
"Road Rage" Buzzard Bikers of the Back Streets rules for Bikers and pedestrians with "The Package" scenario, 
Record sheets for motorcycles and pedestrians

Scrying Eye Games Roads 2 Nowhere  8"x8" panels to build your track of town roads

"Stop the Truck" AAR from Hurricon 2016

Check out all the Combo Pack deals Save over 10%
Laser templets back in stock

Click here to order now

Ready for the Highway Painted Road Warrior Cars

Death Race game photos here Recon 2011  and 
Lake Worth Militia AAR

Car Crafting 
Turn your vehicles into post apocalyptic nightmares
Step by step guide click here

28mm Jihad miniatures 

US set 2

Over 140 different 28mm Jihad figures 
Iraqi Civilians, police, insurgents, Iraqi Army and US troops and support weapons
Technical pickup, guns and crews for Iraq, Africa and Afghanistan
Israeli Defense Force

PDF files of the Jihad Rules, Cards, Counters and Scenarios 1, 2, 3 and 4
Updated 8/6/16

Jihad Special Deals save over 16%
Photos of Jihad Demo Games 
Rescue, Raid, Oil Boom and Too Close For Comfort

New 28mm Colonials Japanese
Germans, US Marines, British inf and sailors, French Sailors, Generic sailors, Boxer and Imperial troops, Japanese, Russians

20mm Modern miniatures

20mm Iraqi civilians, Insurgents, US Army, Merc's, Police, Terrorists, Townspeople, 
Russians Army, and African troops and support weapons


20mm Boxer Rebellion

US Marines
20mm Boxers, Imperial Chinese, Americans, British, French, 
Italian, Germans, Russian and Japanese troops - Over 120 different miniatures


28mm Road Warriors

Interceptor, Pickup trucks, weapons packs, hand weapons


28mm Steam Punk

Automaton                Conversion Pack                   Lady Adventurer
Hand Weapons, accessory packs and adventurers


Star Armour:
25mm Si-Fi and 15mm Si-Fi
Soon to be discontinued

15mm Dracon Infantry

Trilaterum is a new 15mm Sci-Fi rules set written to compliment the Stan Johansen miniatures line of figures as well as many other 15mm Sci-Fi figures. Featuring a new spin on the combat sequence, alternating activation, and a fast but brutal pace Trilaterum will bring the battles from the stars to your gaming table.

Order Direct from Tim - PRICE: $18.00

Written by Timothy Colonna Fluff by Stacy Colonna

Painted Figures and Painting Service

Gladiators & Animals, Buccaneers, Wild West , Pulp Fiction,

Fantasy Fighters, Fantasy Women, Fantasy Creatures, Magic Users, Fantasy Accessories, Dragons

SI-FI,  Horror, Post Apocoliptic 
Si-Fi Babes with Guns, Si-Fi men with guns, Si-Fi Aliens
,  Post Apocalyptic
Steam Punk,
Kiss Kiss! Bang Bang!  Zombies, Battletech

Kit is ready for delivery -  28mm Speedboat
Order Here More Pics on the sculpting page


Selling off My Battletech painted Mech collection
Update after Recon 2018 113 Mechs

All are painted and on Hex bases most are around unpainted list prices

Retro Fantasy

Re-Release of 25mm Falcon USA miniatures

Unicorns and Pegasus


Dr. Who and other figures painted by Phil Tortorici


Esher Gang

Used Si-Fi

Used Battletech

15mm Laserburn trikes

First Class $12.00   0.1 - 70.00 12.00US This is uninsured against loss.
First Class $22.50   0.0 - 70.01 150.00US This is uninsured against loss.
Priority $35.95 global priority insured up to 200.00US against loss.

Or email your order and I will give you a postage price based on the exact weight and size.

We have had requests from some of our customers to make special orders, or pay for figures they are sending to us for painting so we have added this donation button so you can send in the amounts for those orders

Thank You