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   400 Crosswinds Drive #F1
   Greenacres, FL 33413
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28mm Painted Road Warrior

All in Stock -
all set this page come unpainted.

RW2801 Interceptor car kit $20.00


RW2801P Interceptor car assembled and painted $50.00
Model will be painted similar to above weathered and rusted. 
You may request different color and or no weathering.
Each vehicle painted to order allow up to 2 weeks for delivery


RW2802 Toyota Pickup kit $20.00


RW2802P Toyota Pickup assembled and painted $45.00
You can request any color or we will do it black.
Vehicle will be aged and weathered as above.



RW2803 Armored Pickup kit $21.00 body and 4 wheels (unpainted)


RW2804 Big Wheels Armored Pickup kit $24.00 body and 4 wheels (unpainted)


RW2805 Interceptor Driver #1 - sawed off shotgun and Blue Heeler dog $5.00


RW2805P Interceptor Driver 1 and Dog - $15.00 assembled and painted 
allow 2 weeks for delivery


RW2806 Interceptor Driver #2 - pump shotgun/ knife and Blue Heeler dog $5.00


RW2806P Interceptor Driver #2 - $15.00 assembled and painted 
allow 2 weeks for delivery


RW2807 Interceptor Gunner #1 $3.50


RW2808 Interceptor Gunner 2 $3.50


RW2809 Dart Gun $3.00


RW2810 Customizing kit $10.00
.50 MG floor mount, Dsk floor mount, 2 aux. gas tanks, 2 roof hatches,
Tool Box and 2 heavy MG ammo belts.


RW2811 Punk Girl $4.00


RW2812 Hand Weapons $10.00


Some people have requested some of these parts without the car.

RW28P1 Large tires Set of 4 $6.00


RW28P2 set of 4 pickup tires $6.00


RW28P3 set of 2 gas tanks $4.00


RW28P4 set of 2 engines $5.00


RW28P5 set of 4 car tires $4.00




Stan Johansen
   400 Crosswinds Drive #F1
   Greenacres, FL 33413

Make checks or money orders to Stan Johansen
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Money orders shipped in 5 days or less
Figures may contain lead keep out of children's reach.

U.S. Postage
.01-9.99 - 7.00
10.00-49.99 - 8.00
50.00-99.99 - 9.00
100.00-199.99 - 10.00 
200.00 and up Free postage
Pay Pal orders will have postage added automatically

First Class $22.50 This is uninsured against loss.
Priority $33.95 global priority uninsured against loss.

Or email your order and I will give you a postage price based on the exact weight and size.