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Historicon 2014
July 17th thru 20th

Oil Boom set up nothing visible nightime

Yellow chits are units that have not been spotted 1 represents troops the other is a dummy chit

Off to a roaring start corrupt police with oil tanker go to make a deal with Sunni leader to take some oil.

Shia on left move in to grab the Sunni leader. Regular troops arrive. ISIS teams arrive at pipeline. Sunni leader and smugglers discuss a deal.

Arrival of Regular troops Cause Shia to retreat to small ruined building. After paying off Sunni leader smugglers hook up to pumping station. Meanwhile the civilians open fire on smugglers and truck. One of the ISIS teams are killed by Sunni guards but the other team is undetected and proceeds to plant explosives.

Civilians make a move to hijack the tanker for themselves but in a shoot out with the police and technician the hoses catch fire and the tanker explodes. The Shia spot the Sunni leader on the other side of the pipeline and make a move toward him.
But the tanker explosion ruptures the pipeline and it explodes taking out a number of police, Sunni's and civilians. The end game is when ISIS succeeds in blowing up the end of the pipeline Having been the only faction to complete their objective they win.

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