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September 28th 2007 at HMGS Hurricon, Orlando FL  we played our new Scenario Oil Boom! This Scenario designed by Phil Tortorici reflects some of the infighting between the many factions in Iraq. You can download the entire scenario in PDF format on the Jihad figure page


Here is and overview of the table from the west side of the board

Pump station and pipe line.

Suni pump station protectors camp being attacked by Shia Militia who are trying to Kidnap the Suni Leader.

Shia close in

Bombed out town 

Al Qaeda operative in jeep approach pipe line to blow it but Suni patroling pipeline spots them

US patrol reinforces Suni camp

US patrol takes up defensive postion on top of pump station so Suni Guards can help their brothers beat back Shia Militia

In the Hurricon game the players came up with some great ideas.

The Smugglers decided to try and pay off the Suni guards and avoid a fight so they went to the Suni camp to make a deal but just in case things did not work out they left their oil truck behind with the 2 technicians and 2 police for security. The 2 police scouting the area blundered into the Al Qaeda operatives and a gun fight broke out leaving 2 cops and one Al Qeada dead. With the security gone the Shia Militia decided to hijack the truck and have the technicians drive them right into the Suni camp, where they could kidnap the Suni leader. But the plan backfired when the technician called the police leader who had made a deal with the Suni leader, and both attacked the Shia militia, as the US patrol got there one vehicle supported the attack and the other taking up position to guard the pumping station, their IR gear allowed them to spot and fire on the Al Qaeda operatives, causing them to withdraw.