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Road Warrior Cars

Road Warriors
All in Stock -
all set this page come unpainted.

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RW001 Road Warriors/Raging lions
(16) 18.00

14 male and 2 female warriors armed
with everything from assault rifles to Uzi's
RW002 10 Wasteland Warriors 12.00 
2 each, firing crossbow, adv. w/rifle, running w/pistol and knife, kneeling firing crossbow, lunging w/sword hand crossbow on arm
RW003 Lawmen 12.00
10 figures: 2 NBC gear, 2 capture team w/nuronet gun, 6 in Riot gear.

RW004 Colonial Marines $14.00 
1 officer, 1 PML, 1 Lt. MG,  1 Heavy Grenade launcher, 3 tossing grenade, 3 advancing and 
2 running. 12 figures.
RW005 Townies/Tango set 2  14.00
12 town folk 10 men, 2 women armed with a variety of weapons but will it be enough to fight off the biker gangs.
RW006 Personalities 12.00 
Fire boy: tossing Molotov cocktail
Slick: w/Uzi and machete on back
Naguchi: Ninja Assassin w/knife
Dr. Hook: w/hook hand and beaker of ?
Rocker: w/minigun
Ace: Dr. hooks bodyguard wearing body armor w/pistol
Grease Ball: mechanic carrying wrench
Gas passer: wearing gasmask throwing grenade w/pistol
Snake: w/silenced mac-11
Gyro Pilot: w/pistol

Contents of biker gang set

Assembled and painted sample only

RW007 Biker Gang 20.00 
contains 1 Trike, 1 heavy bike with side car and passenger, 2 Heavy bikes, 2 choppers, 2 each of 3 different riders, with separate arms holding crossbow, ax, sub-mg, pistol, and shotgun as well as 1 hand and 2 hands holding handlebars.
RW008 Light weapons     10.00 
Lt. weapons to deck out any hot wheels type vehicles see photos below.
1 Russian Heavy MG pedestal mount,  2 consol mounted RPG,  2 consol mounted  heat seekers,  
2 hood mtd. grenade launchers, 2 tri mount free flight missiles, 2 .50 cal on pedestal mount., 
4 body mtd. .30 cal MGs, 2 roof mtd. .50 cal MGs.
RW009 Armor     10.00 
2 large cut to fit panels, 2 ventilated plates for windows or radiator, 2 dragon back panels, 2 windscreen protectors, 2 small armor panels, 2 rhino rams, 2 armored bumpers, 2 gun shields


RW010 Escort Car 15.00 
comes unassembled with roof mg and driver

Discontinued for re-molding 

RW011 Slasher Car $15.00 
comes unassembled with roof mg and driver

Discontinued for re-molding 


RW012 Gunners and drivers 12.00 
2 sitting firing pistols, 4 standing with bases good for use on flatbed trucks
6 good for use in roof openings.


RW013 Turreted weapons $10.00
1 heavy missile turret, 40mm gun, 30mm chaingun, 30mm minigun, 2 turrets w/.50 cal barrels and a claymore mine, 2 40mm smoke or grenade launcher turrets, heavy turret with .50cal and gunner.


RW014 Special Weapons $10.00
1 heavy harpoons, 1 tire shredders w/pintal mounts,  1 heavy Flamer, 1 90mm recoiless rifle, 1 TOW launcher, 1 Russian grenade launcher, 1 US grenade launcher, 1 30mm body mount minigun, 1 20mm body mount minigun,  1 20mm miniguns roof mount.


RW015 Pickup $8.00 Sets 8, 9 and 12 used to dress up pickup.


RW016 Motorcycle weapons pack $10.00

Dual AKs, Dual M16s, .50cal, Saw blade thrower, Bulldog minigun, Flamer/ smoke emitter.
2 chopper rear fender gun decks, 2 heavy bike gundecks,
2 handlebar mount AKs, front yoke dual M-16 mount, 
dual AK front yoke mount


1 Bulldog minigun mounted in sidecar, and AK mounted on handlebars.
2 Chopper AK on handlebar mount and dual M-16 on rear gun deck
3 Hvy. bike dual M-16s yoke mount and rear flamer/smoke emitter

4 Trike with Bulldog minigun and Flamer/smoke emitter
5 Hvy. Bike with .50 cal and dual AKs on rear gun deck
6 chopper dual AKs front yoke mount, saw blade thrower on rear gun deck.

RW017 Mad Hatter Gang 10 figures $15.00.
You can request 2 random figures instead of the gunner and driver figures.


Sets 18,19 20 and 21 can be ordered now and will Ship Nov. 15th 2013

RW018 Mechanics  6 pieces $7.00 (front and back views)
1 welder, 1 mechanic, 2 tanks, 1 welding machine, 1 scenery piece tire, cable, welding machine.



RW019 Cultist Special Weapons $15.00
2 piece Heavy Flamer and gunner, Driver, Medium flamer, Mini-gat, Hand flamer



RW020 Cultist with guns $12.00
Leader w/2 pistols. shotgun/loot bag, Air gun, SAW, SMG, Grenade/pistol, SMG/pistol



RW021 Cultist with melee weapons $12.00
3 with crossbows, mechanic w/wrench, Chainsaw, Ax, Machete/pistol


RW022 Heavy flamers $10.00
2 heavy flamers compatible, with all gunners in the RW012 pack

RW023 Interceptor  $12.00 unpainted.
Kit includes car, 4 wheels, engine intake and 2 gas tanks as shown.


RW023P Interceptor  $25.00 painted.
Model will be painted similar to above weathered and rusted. 
You may request different color and or no weathering.
Each vehicle painted to order allow up to 2 weeks for delivery


RW024 Custom Kit     10.00 
10 pieces of window armor, tombstone rear armor, 2 side shredders, 4 hatchers
40mm armored ammo belt, 20mm ammo belt, 50 cal ammo belt


RW025 Redneck Renegades  10 figures 12.00
2 drivers, gunner, 3 riflemen, 2 w/revolvers and 2 w/automatics


RW026  12 Redneck Renegade Gunmen with packs and weapons 15.00
 Packs will fit most figures with no fitting necessary.



Redneck special deal both packs a $27.00 value 
only $22.00 RW 25 and 26 Web orders only not available at conventions
Cultist special deal all 3 packs a $39.00 value 
only $33.00 RW 19, 20, 21 Web orders only not available at conventions
Weapons and armor special deal all 4 packs a $40.00 value 
only $34.00 RW 8, 9, 13, 14 Web orders only not available at conventions


Stan Johansen
   400 Crosswinds Drive #F1
   Greenacres, FL 33413

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