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Boxer 2

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All set in stock and available unpainted. 

This line of 20mm figures represent the many countries that took part in this conflict as well as the many other colonial wars of the time Ca. 1900. We decided to lead off this line with a unique set of figures that represent all of the countries that were at the 55 days at Peking siege. Based on a 10 to 1 ratio, the siege set includes 6 Americans, 3 Austrians, 9 British, 5 French, 3 Italians, 5 German, 7 Russians, and 4 civilians plus a colt MG, Maxim MG, International Gun and crews. In addition we now have French Marines, German 3rd Sea Battalion, Russian Inf. & Cossack Cav., Japanese Inf. & Cav., British Cav. and Lancers and Naval Boarding Party.

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JBR01 American Marines set of 10 $10.00
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JBR02 Austrian Navy set of 10 $10.00
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JBR03 British Marines set of 10 $10.00
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JBR04 French Navy set of 10 $10.00
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JBR05 German Marines set of 10 $10.00
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JBR06 Italian Navy set of 10 $10.00
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JBR07 Russian Navy set of 10 $10.00

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JBR08 Armed Civilians set of 10 $10.00
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JBR09 Colt MG set of 2 $10.00

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JBR10 Maxium MG set of 2 $10.00

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International Gun and 3 crewmen  $7.50
 International Gun and 3 crew

Stan Johansen
   400 Crosswinds Drive #F1
   Greenacres, FL 33413

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