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Jihad Iraqi

28mm Jihad miniatures

Our Jihad line represents the conflicts with Muslim extremists.
Featuring the War in Iraq with everything from civilians to support weapons. 

Figures come unpainted and unassembled for multi-piece figures.
Painted sets are painted as ordered allow 7 to 10 days for painting.

Iraqi Civilians, police and Iraqi Army.

Insurgents, Support weapons and vehicle

US troops and support weapons

Afghan Rebels

African Rebels

Israeli Defense Force

Pre painted Jihad miniatures

We also support our miniatures with a full set of FREE rules and scenarios.

Jihad Rules 1.5 Updated 8/6/16
download the PDF file now Modern skirmish rules including house to house, suicide bombers, intelligence gathering by Mike Vogell and Vehicle and aircraft rules added by David Glenn.

Jihad Cards print 2 times to make full decks  

Jihad Counters print to help keep track of wounds etc.

Download Scenario #1 Rescue

Download Scenario #2 Oil Boom!

Download Scenario #3 Assault on Dimmettrus

Download Scenario #4 Too Close for Comfort

To download click on item, save to computer and open with adobe PDF