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Photos From RECON 2016 - April 28th - May 1st Orlando FL

Here are just some of the over 108 games at the convention.

A Street in Russia - Sept 1942 - Germans attempt to capture a ferry landing on the Volga river to prevent Russian reinforcements from landing. Scenery built by Rob Morse who also GMed the game for 3 secessions.

Action along the Buin Road, Bouganville - Australians and Japanese fight a nasty battle of slow advances and counterattacks against the japanese defenders. Rules Command Decision. Mark Luther, Tony Aguilar, Mitch Harbach, Luke Harbach, Richard Crouch, Jim Riley, Richard Ciario.

A Carnival of Death - Civil War- 10mm Fire and Fury Brigade rules
Rebel frontal assault on Franklin Nov. 30, 1864. GM Bill Moreno.
Bill says you can look forward to his ever expanding line of 10mm miniatures and scenery and playing this game at Historicon in July.

Battle of Flintlake Creek - April 26th 1836 Seminoles look for revenge on some infantry and volunteers in the Second Seminole War, GM David Glen.

Last Stand in Moria - 28mm fantasy - GMs John Adams, Scott Woodman.

The Raid on St. Francois - October 4, 1759 - French and Indian War - GM Bob Moon, Always a visual delight Bob, thanks.
Rogers Ranges are sent to the town to exact revenge for the mistreatment of 2 British Officers.

Raygun Rayborn and the Space Vixens. 28mm Si Fi - GM Jim Berhalter
Incredible scenery, you could spend the whole day finding all the super details Jim puts into his games.

San Juan Hill - 28mm Sword and the Flame rules - Larry Brom tribute game. GM Bill Hogan.

Spanish Civil War - 20mm Bolt Action Rules - GM Ocala Garrison
Republicans try to hold town from a Nationalist attack.

River orerations in the Sudan - GMs Dan Gurule, Jeff Baumal and Mike Lucas. Great scenery and boats. Jeff consistently puts on some of the best looking colonial games and with the help of Dan's hand made boats this time. 
Check out Dan Gurule boats and prices here, 

Zombcide Black Plague - GMs Ken Schneegold and Eric Lester.
Great scenery using Dwarven Forge 3D buildings.

We hope you can join us at Hurricon - September 22nd - 25th 2016

The wife handles the business end so i can enjoy the con.