20mm JIHAD

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20mm JIHAD
All in Stock - all set this page come unpainted.

J2056 Insurgents 14 figures $20.00 1 leader, 2 RPG, 2 lt MG, 1 AK w/GL, 
1 sniper w/scope, 7 w/AK's
All figures come unpainted.


J2057 Insurgent support weapons 8 crew 3 weapons $15.00
Russian Auto Grenade launcher, Russian heavy MG, Lt. mortar.
All figures come unpainted.


J2058 Insurgent Tech Crew and Weapons $12.00
2 Russian Heavy MG's with separate floor mount stands, 1 Driver holding wheel, 
1 driver firing pistol out window, 1 passenger firing out window, 2 different gunners
Truck not include All figures come unpainted.



J2059 US support weapons $19.00
Officer, Radio man, Law, AT-4, 60mm mortar and crew, auto grenade launcher and crew and .50cal mg and crew. 10 figures 3 weapons.
All figures come unpainted.


J2060 US infantry Squad final $20.00
1 officer, 3 SAW gunners 6 rifleman and 3 riflemen with 203 grenade launchers.
All figures come unpainted.


J2061 Iraqi women
  $9.00 1 each of the 5 figures pictured above
All figures come unpainted.


J2062 Iraqi Unarmed civilians
Rug merchant, Vegatable merchant, Carpenter, Man brief case/package, Mechanic
Cafe patron, Server, Waiter, Porter, Man shopping bag/ file folder.
All figures come unpainted.


J2063 Iraqi Armed civilians
This photo shows the armed civilian version of the figures above.
All figures come unpainted.


J2064 Combined Iraqi Civilian set $34.00 All 3 sets Save $5.00 off individual sets All figures come unpainted.


J2065 Out Of Production
This vehicle was our first digitally sculpted miniature.
All figures come unpainted.

J2067 Afghan Tec crew 9.00   All figures come unpainted


J2067  1 Afghan Tec with driver and crew $30.00   All figures come unpainted


J2068 African Tec crew 9.00    All figures come unpainted


J2068  1 African Tec with driver and crew $30.00   All figures come unpainted



J2069 Iraqi Police $19.00
4 w/pistol, 2 directing traffic, 3 w/AK, 1 w/shotgun, 2 w/Lt mg

All figures come unpainted.


J2074 Iraqi Police K-9 $8.00
2 Handlers and 2 German Sheppard's, leash not included.

All figures come unpainted.


Stan Johansen
   6673 Campanilla
   Fort Pierce, FL 34951

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