Death Race 1

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At Hurricon '09 September 25th Phil Tottorici ran the first Death Race Game from his new Road Warriors Road Rage rules. Here is a overview of that first race.

We have had a lot of people ask about the buildings we used in the game. It is a software program used to make buildings for model railroading, here is the link  

Roger Vaughn - car 6
Don Myers - car 601
Patrick Dignam - car 616  
James Near - car 777
Dylan Morse - car 876
Steve Niedergeses - car 5309

Warden Phil hands out prisoner's there numbers and cars

Some of the cars to chose from

And they're, off down the first straightaway, here deputy warden Nick helps convict 876 with the turning ring, Speed sticks in foreground are divided into 10MPH color bands.
Race has a Lemans start at 40MPH.

Convict 777 first lateral slams 6 and goes on here to rear ends 876

Into the first turn convict 616 is in the lead

After the first turn convicts try to line up on Green defensive, Red offensive and Yellow death heads switches. Just running over them don't mean they turn on.

777 slams 6 and in turn is rear ended by 601 which sends 777 off the track in flames

601 rear ends 6, while 616 who has picked up offensive weapons fires on 861

Car 6 who has picked up defensive weapons drops an oil slick and smoke

5309 comes out of smoke and takes a hard skid because of the oil slick

Car 601 skids off track while 6 and 601 continue to slam each other

Car 876 skids and rolls over car 601 which had been so badly damaged it had coasted to the edge of the track

Three cars down 777, 876 and 601

Car 616  wins first race

Warden Phil gives convict 616 Patrick Dignam his Pardon and a $20.00 gift certificate from Stan Johansen Miniatures.

Death race will be only one of the scenarios in the Road Warrior Road Rage rules