Jihad Rescue

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 We put on 3 demo games of Jihad at Historicon here are some photos of the
third game. I hope you enjoy them.

forces 12 Americans 1 armed hummer 3 unarmed hummers
12 Insurgents, 6 Armed civilians

Here is an overview of the village where an IED took out a Humvee
wounding 6 men. A squad of 12 troops in 4 Humvee's  one with a
50 cal MG will try and rescue the wounded men.

This was the third demo game and the Americans decided to enter the
town from the right side rather than down the road just in case there
were more IED's planted in the road.

The Hummer with the 50 cal sets up to give covering fire
The troops in Hummer 2 dismount to take up cover fire positions
the troops in hummer 3 enter the village about half way in and dismount
Hummer 4 holds back ready to enter when the area is secure enough to move
on and pick up the wounded.
Note the fleeing civilians and the armed civilian in the lower left corner

Troops from hummer 3 draw fire from hidden insurgents wounding 1 man.

An RPG round slams into Hummer 3 destroying the vehicle and lightly
wounding 2 troops and seriously wounding another.

The driver of the armed hummer is wounded while the gunner cuts down
insurgents and makes other wonder if they want to be there some rout
after taking Heavy MG fire.

Hummer 2 moves in to pick up wounded. The troops from hummer 4
dismount and move to deal with the insurgents on the left side of the photo
the White circle indicates smoke

Another RPG round takes out hummer 2 and seriously wounds one trooper
meanwhile the troops from hummer 4 have taken out some of the insurgent
but the insurgents have whiped out the 4 men from hummer 3.

The Americans eventually killed all the armed civilians and insurgents but
by than all the wounded had bled out so it was a loss for the americans

From demo 2 some armed civilians attack US troops on roof of a building

Insurgents are hidden at the start of the game and can pop out anywhere

Rescue Scenario Played at our local club

Civilian cafe?

Humvee races to the rescue

Marine squad covers the crash site so the other squads can
rescue the wounded soldiers.