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After the economic collapse of 2021 communities banded together for protection and to procure supplies in an effort to rebuild civilization. While others created warlord type gangs to raid and pillage.

The Lake Worth Militia Recon 8/25/2036
Check out rumors of a gang called the Mad Hatters who have just expanded off the island of  Palm Beach to an industrial/warehouse area of West Palm.
Test for tactical ability and resolve.

Unit: 2 Humvee's with .50 cal MGs and 12 troopers.

Enemy: It least 2 armed vehicles and 4 men.

Dawn - patrol plans course of action.

The views is not encouraging a heavily armed and armored vehicle is blocking road.

Mad Hatter position sniper will be on second story front.

2 riflemen enter building to take up firing positions, second floor front.
HV1 goes west, HV2 goes west. No movement from the Hatter's

Riflemen still moving through building, 

HV1 stops and drops off 2 men behind building, 

HV2moves to end of junk pile and drops off 2 men.

2 riflemen move up to get a better look at roadblock when the Murc. lurches forward and opens fire with dual .30 cal MGs putting both men down,  they return fire doing  minor damage to the car.

2 riflemen in building fire at Murc. hitting but fail to penetrate, sniper in building fires and kills one rifleman in building. Open Aston moves up and fires .50 cal mg at second riflemen killing him. H20 heavy enter area.

HV1 fires at Hatter hiding in creates and misses.

HV2 Blasts through the chain link fence taking some minor damage spotting and firing on H20 which returns fire both take damage and HV2 takes a critical hit jamming it's swivel mount allowing only fixed forward fire for the rest of the action.

HV1 takes up covering position and sends two men forward to check out building, which Hatter has already entered. Aston takes advantage of create cover while covering men dropped off by HV2. Sniper displaces to new window and takes out rifleman by rubble pile.

HV1 moves out while 2 men take cover in rubble.

H20 opens fire with auto cannon doing minor damage to HV2

Merc. maneuvers to get behind HV1 not realizing it has moved out, Aston moves to get out of line of fire from HV1. Riflemen dropped off by HV2 takes down sniper and he is taken out by sniper in the exchange.

Merc. continues around building hoping to intercept HV2. Aston will cut to west to intercept HV1.

The Militia has taken a beating and received orders to withdraw. HV1 heads west to make escape while HV2 will have to break through the fence on the east side.

H20 takes a hard skid, spots HV1 but needs to cross some heavy rubble and blast through the chain link fence.

Merc. takes fire from men on foot and spots HV2 but cannot get a shot lined up.

Hatter in building back shoots militiaman.

HV2 blasts through fence.

HV1 speeds by H20, H20 blasts through fence taking heavy damage causing him to veer randomly every turn.

HV2 speeds up to get out of area Hatter takes out militiaman as he runs away. Merc. disengages to return to roadblock.

HV1 has left the area and HV2 also leaves but has a lot of damage.
Militia has lost 6 men and has a badly damaged HV2

Hatters lost 1 man and have moderate damage to one vehicle and minor armor damage on the 2 others.

Well the militia found out the Hatters have resolve, tactical ability and the weapons and vehicles to back it up.

More Lake Worth Militia missions to come.

We have had a lot of people ask about the buildings we used in the game. It is a software program used to make buildings for model railroading, here is the link 

All miniatures, weapons and armor on Mad Hatter vehicles can be found here Road Warrior