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Road Rage Rules and Roads

Road Rage Core Rules 
44 page, 1 Quick Reference chart, and card stock templates. 4 pages of pre-made cars 7 for Death Race and one make your own blank. 4 pages of event, upgrade and setback cards. Death Race scenario, Expanded weapon and driving rules for Road warrior type games. 37 step by step maneuvering photos. Simple car construction. Phil designed these rules with convention play in mind so they play fast and have been a hit with all players especially  father and son competitions. 


Roads to Nowhere

 Roads to Nowhere

Created and Printed by Scrying Eye Games. This set contains 34 
8" X 8" tiles: 23 road, 11 buildings and over 100 debris and wrecked vehicle cutouts
One set allows you to make a 72" by 32" Death Race Track or your next zombie town.
Originally designed for 28mm zombie games.
Sample of track made with these tiles

Road Rage Biker and Pedestrian Rules

 Buzzard Bikers 


Road Rage "Buzzard Bikers of the Back Streets" 48 pages with Biker and pedestrian rules plus card stock template sheet and Quick Reference sheet. Complete "The Package" scenario including setup, pre-made Bike and Car sheets. 
You do not need the Basic Road Rage Rules to play the Biker rules unless you add cars into the mix. You will need both books to play "The Package" scenario.



 For a limited time Order one of these specials and get ROAD RAGE Part 3 Truck/Big Rig rules FREE
 When you order one of the special deals below we will send you a PDF file of our Truck/Big Rig rules FREE
 these also include NEW offensive and defensive weapons rules,
 Vehicle jumps and pedestrian jumps from vehicles, buildings and overpasses.
 These are not the final version we want your input and will send you Updates as we make revisions.

 You must have the Road Rage Core Rules to use these rules

Road Rage Core Rules only
Combo Pack 1 Road Rage Core Rules, and Roads to Nowhere

$35.00   ($40.00  value)
Combo Pack 2 Road Rage Buzzard Biker Rules and Roads to Nowhere
$35.00   ($40.00  value)
Combo Pack 3 Road Rage Rules, Buzzard Biker and Roads to Nowhere
$45.00   ($60.00  value)


Waiting for restock as of 1/ 24 /21

Laser cut plastic "Road Rage" Templates $13.00 (as pictured above).
SOLD OUT on  order from Laser Cutter

"Stop the Truck" game played using "Road Rage Rules" 8/24/16

Max the Gyro captain and wasteland warriors make a run for it.

Humongous Gang starts to catch up while Papa Gallo tries to block.

Gyro captain scores a hit on the zombie van with a molotov. Biker passenger leaps onto Papa's car, 
Papa slams bike taking it down.

Humongous driver loses control while making a hard turn sending car into a hard skid.

Fire makes driver lose control causing a roll over

Sahara rams Papa from rear while biker attacks with Ax.

Red pick up dart gun takes out wasteland warrior while warrior with molotov hits pickup.

Pick up crew killed and as coasting to stop blows up, 
Papa is killed by biker but manages to throw biker off car to his death.

At the end game Humongous team Killed all the defenders on the truck 2 biker made it to the cab and attacked Max.
He shot gunned one and fought the other losing control of the truck which crashed.

In this game the truck did a constant 50MPH and only mover left or right, 
the other vehicles all moved in relationship to the trucks speed.

We will be running this game at Hurricon in Orlando Sept. 24th 2016.


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