Road car crafting

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Road Warrior Car Crafting

A New Project on some xmas releases from Hot Wheels

Here are 3 of the 4 new semi vehicles I will be converting into Post Apocalyptic War Rigs.

Here's the start on one


Keep checking back for the progress.


A project for our Hurricon 2016 "Road Rage" game.
The game will be similar to the truck chase in "The Road Warrior" movie.

Starting model but the cab is to modern so we swapped it with this one which is a little smaller but looks closer to the movie version.

Chopped off the sleeper compartment leaving just the floor.

Adding decking for a fighting platform and some wheel armor. A few more wasteland warriors to give the truck a chance.

Plow added and barbed wire added to the platform.

3 defensive compartments for trailer.

Creating the rear defensive compartment, and the 2 top pieces with a glitter bottle and plastic rod.

Anchors for trailer barbed wire are smoke launchers from Roco minitanks, Wire is anchored in drilled holes and then strung from anchor point to anchor point and glued into another drilled hole.

All glued together and primed ready for paint.


If this game goes well we will put it on at Historicon next year.

Some vehicles for the bad guys.

Vehicles below all ready for our "Road Rage" scenario "Stop the Truck" at Hurricon 2016
Orlando FL Saturday Sept. 24th 9am to 1pm secession.