Jihad IDF

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28mm Jihad miniatures
All in Stock - all set this page come unpainted.

Israeli Defense Force

Jihad41 IDF set 1 15.00
Officer, 2 troopers w/Tavor, 2 troopers with Negev. Plus loose Matador AT weapon


Jihad42 IDF set 2 15.00
5 troopers w/Tavor assault rifle.


Jihad43 IDF set 3 15.00 
Fig. 1 general use figure will come with multiple arms for 2 empty left, Rt with pistol, M203 and Nagev lt MG.
Fig 2 Medic, Fig. 3 Matador RPG, Fig.4 Radioman, and firing Tavor w/GL.


Single Figures

Jihad44 Gunner for .50 cal MG 3.00 Arms are cast separate
Gun not included.

Jihad45 Carrying Nagev lt MG 3.00 Arms are cast separate

Jihad46 carrying M4 3.00 arms are cast separate

Jihad47 with  M203 3.00 arms are cast separate

Jihad48 assaulting w/Tavor 3.00 arms are cast separate

Jihad49 Carrying Nagev lt MG 3.00 Arms are cast separate

Jihad50 Firing Nagev lt MG 3.00 Arms are cast separate

Jihad52 K9 10.00

Special Squad Deal only $2.50 per figure
IDF squads are organized along US lines, pack contains the following:
13 figures - 1 Officer pistol and binocular arms, 1 Negev lt MG, 1 squad leader with GL, 1 with Matador AT and Tavor arm & loose Matador, 9 figures armed with Tavor assault weapon includes Radio operator and Medic.
Some figures are cast arms separate. $32.50
You may request squad make up from above figures otherwise we will make up pack.



Painted IDF set with helmet covers 120.00
10 troopers w/Tavor assault rifle.SOLD

M113 and HumVee available from Age of Glory



Stan Johansen
 6673 Campanilla
 Fort Pierce, FL 34951
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