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20mm Mercenaries
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All figures come unpainted.

J2021 MERC set 1 $10.00
adv. w/silenced mac-11, running w/sub mg, throwing grenade,
firing assault rifle, kneeling w/m-16/grenade launcher
J2023 MERC set 2 $10.00  
radio operator, adv. w/car-15
J2024 Set 5 LRRP $10.00 
firing silenced rifle, throwing grenade, running w/sub MG,
kneeling w/m-16/grenade launcher, running w/shotgun
all have backpacks
J2025 Set 6 Special Ops  $15.00
lunging w/knife, firing silenced pistol, firing crossbow, officer w/mac-11,
defending w/knife, officer w/pistol
J2027 MERC set 3 $10.00
Running w/Uzi, Knelling firing m-16 w/starlight scope,
prone firing assault rifle, running w/assault rifle
J2031 MERC set 4 $10.00
Officer w/pistol, Adv. w/m-16, firing grenade launcher,
sitting w/ m-1 carbine, firing AK-47
J2028 MERC Set 7 Support weapons  $12.00
50 cal MG w/2 crew, 81mm mortor w/2 crew,
prone w/LAWS, standing firing LAWS
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J2030 Downed Pilots  $10.00 
downed chopper crew adv. m-16, firing assault rifle,
carrying m-60, pilot running w/pistol, pilot w/pistol
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Marcus Wheeler Thunderball Game Photo

J2043 Seal Team 10 Frogmen $20.00 
2 each - swimming w/speargun, figthing w/knife, swimming w/knife,
floating w/speargun, adv. w/mac-11
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J2054 MERC Vehicle crew 7 figures $10.00  
1standing firing, 2 drivers, 2 passengers open vest,
2 passengers closed vest
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J2055 MERC sniper set  $12.00  
1 w/XM-1 grenade launcher, 1 running w/50 cal. scoped sniper rifle,
1 prone firing 50 cal. scoped sniper rifle,
1 Spotter prone, 1 spotter running w/subMG and ammo case

Painted set

CTset3 6 figures $18.00




Stan Johansen
6673 Campanilla
Fort Pierce, FL 34951
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