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Some samples from 2020 & 2021 stay at home

German Paras for Rick Welch

40mm AWI for Bob Moon

Fantasy for Don T

Brass Dragon                                                                                                     Star Spawn

Fire Giant

Mechanical Dragon                                                                 White Drag

Bronze Dragon

Gold Dragon


Blood and Plunder Dutch for Rick W,

Colonial & Blood and Plunder for Rick W.

28mm Spanish Civil War for Rick W.

28mm for Rick W

Nap. for Herman L.

pic 2 and 3 I sculpted saddles on horses


Fantasy Mark N.


Fantasy painted for Rob B. 5/7/20

Painted for pages and conventions
Fantasy Women  Go to Page

Fantasy Creatures

Fantasy Magic

Fantasy Fighters

Fantasy accessories


Cowgirls Black Scorpion figures


Bucaneers  Black Scorpion figures

Animals for Pulp Fiction




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You can email for prices on your custom needs

My first war game 1957