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Contract Painting for 2014
YTD 1165 28mm+ 2 space ships. 2 vehicles,  44 20mm, 484 15mm, 20 40mm

Contract Painting for 2015
YTD 28mm figures 799, animals 1, 60 pieces of scenery, 7 Vehicles, 11 equipment 40mm 47,   838 15mm,   10 ships,   20mm 259 troops 12 weapons

Contract Painting for 2016
YTD 28mm figures 908, 20 pieces of scenery, 15mm 75 Vehicles and guns, 659 15mm, 40mm 52, 20mm 75 troops.

Some samples from 2016

Kim M. 21 28mm fantasy

Mark T. 15 FIW 28mm Flags are from the Flag Dude

Mark T. 9 28mm FIW for diorama

5 40K Ork glitz for Bill S.

Ork cannon 6 crew for Bill S.

10 28mm fantasy for Kim

7 28mm fantasy for Kim M

1 Gorkonaut for Bill S.

11 28mm Elves for Kim

20 Nekrons for Bill S,

16 28mm fantasy for Kim M.

10 28mm for Mike L.

28mm Bolt Action 58 infantry, 2 weapons, 2 vehicles for Bill S.

12 28mm fantasy for Kim

5 28mm Fantasy for Kim

19 Arabian Nights for Fernando

10 28mm Mummies for painted page

18 28mm Mountain Men for Mark T

15mm for Jim L 10 motorcycles, 206 crew, 36 guns

15mm 31 guns, 170 crew

28mm for Kim 1 dracon, 1 Rockman, 11 Drow and 4 rats

15mm WW2 Italians 46 troops, 8 trucks for Jim L

14 28mm trappers and bears for Mark T


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You can email for prices on your custom needs

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