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Special 28mm Jihad Deals
Web orders only not available at conventions

Iraqi Civilian deal
1 set each
Jihad01 Civilians
Jihad05 Armed Civilians
Jihad06 Cafe Set
Jihad12 Iraqi Police
A $60.00 value for $50.00


1 set each
Jihad02 set 1
Jihad03 set 2
Jihad07 western dress
Jihad11 set 3 
A $60.00 value for $50.00


US troops
1 set each
Jihad08 Set 1
Jihad09 Set 2 Two sets
Jihad14 Set 3
A $60.00 value for $50.00


Iraqi Government troop deal
1 set each 
Jihad12 Iraqi Police
Jihad 15 Iraqi defense force pack1
Jihad 15a Iraqi defense force pack1a
Jihad 16 Iraqi defense force pack 2
A $60.00 value for $50.00




Go to the Jihad page to see the sets

Stan Johansen
6673 Campanilla
Fort Pierce, FL 34951
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Money orders shipped in 5 days or less
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U.S. Postage
.01-9.99 - 7.00
10.00-49.99 - 8.00
50.00-99.99 - 9.00
100.00-199.99 - 10.00 
200.00 and up Free postage
Pay Pal orders will have postage added automatically

First Class $17.00   1 to 8 oz This is uninsured against loss.
Priority $39.70 global priority, insured up to 200.00US against loss or damage.

Or email your order and I will give you a postage price based on the exact weight and size.