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Historicon 2017 last year in Fredricksburg
July 13th thru 16th

Her are some photos of the 2 games Stan Johansen Miniatures sponsored at Historicon this year.
"Smoke Them Out" Modern Game using Jihad rules Which are free to download here

Iraqi troops backed up by US in armored Humvee's have orders to clear out the last of the ISIS  forces in the city.
They enter from the airstrip.

There is also a second mission to get a CIA team and their principal to the sea port at the other end of the city.
With the help of a special ops team.

A big thank you to the MBA guys for letting me use their scenery.

Iraqi troops move into city on foot while the special ops team lead the way for the CIA vehicle.

US troops in Humvee moves up the street ahead of the Iraqi army taking fire from the buildings on the right.

Iraqi troops clear building

Car bomb goes off badly damaging both CIA SUV and special ops vehicle.

US and Iraqi forces get bogged down clearing buildings.

ISIS forces do more damage than expected

RPG's take out CIA team and principal ending their mission.

When game was called due to time ISIS had caused so much damage to the US and Iraqi force they could not clear the rest of the city.

Game 2 was a Post Apocalyptic "Scavenger Hunt" using our Road Rage Rules.
4 Gangs Invade a warehouse area to collect food, fuel, water and weapons.

This is the Warehouse area each building has chits with what if anything is in them.

Wasteland Warriors enter on the north road while the Mad Hatters enter from the east.

Wastelanders lose their tanker truck.

Humgus Gang decimates the Biker gang and hits a building with lots of loot.

Controlling this game was a handful sorry for the lack of photos.