Hurricon 2016

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Hurricon 2016 Sept 22nd thru 25th

Stop the Truck "Road Rage" game

Gang catches up with truck

Gang players were very aggressive

Desert runaround

Red pickup makes suicide jump attack while 2 gangers make successful jumps onto the truck.

Gyro captain tried to block shots on Max and was shot out of the sky.

A luck crossbow shot kills Max, truck goes out of control and with a 50/50 chance truck blows up.

"Jihad" "Too close for comfort game

Opening set up ISIS will enter on both roads at top o photo
Police and civilians are set up on the board
Israeli's will enter on right side where roads meet

Police station

ISIS engages police and civilian's on right

ISIS on the left also engage civilian's and police

Close contact is quickly made causing hand to hand combat

The African ISIS fighters dismount their technical and engage the Syrian police

The Israeli's dismount and engage the ISIS Afghan group on the left flank
Land Rover tries to run down fire team

And never makes it

The Civilians and police took and unexpected toll on the ISIS forces
so by the time they engaged the Israeli's they were in bad shape and
retreated. The real winners of this game were the police and civilians.

Just a few of the over 100 games




Chariot races

Pulp Si Fi


Hurricon 2014 September 25th to 28th

Spearhead Division at Ghaziani
Modern 15mm, GM Pete Panzari, Sponsor Falcon miniatures,
Rules US OP Order by Pete Panzari

Didn't see this movie staring Raquel Welch?
28mm Three musketeer modified "And One For All Rules"
GM Dr Gallagher

Cattle Raid - 28mm Colonial  GM Jones

All Quite on the Martian Front - Demo, GM Leon Mason

Zombie Run - 28mm Fast Play RPG rules - GM Robert Morse

55 Days at Peking - 28mm Sword and the Flame rules - GM Hogan

East Side Story - 28mm Vikings raid London - Pig War D12 version rules - GM Dr Gallagher

Zombieside 28mm si-fi GM Connor Heckman

Mines of Moria - 28mm Fantasy - GW LOTR rules - GM Adams

Circus Crapeous - Chariot Race 28mm house rules GM Janocsko

Through the mud and the Blood - 28mm WW1 Great War over the Top rules GM's Moreno, Robinson and Rob Hall. Terrain and painted miniatures by Bill Moreno.

Battle of Gettysburg July 1 through 3 1863 - 15mm Fire and Fury rules - GM Bob Moon.

Streets of the Magnificent 7 - 28mm Western game Gut shot rules - GM Rob Morse

The Wind and the Lion - 28mm Sword and the Flames rules - GM Jeff Baumal

With over 100 played for the weekend, sorry I missed so many games.

Stan Johansen