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On November 11th 2006 at HMGS Fall In, Gettysburg. Mike Vogell presented the second JIHAD scenario "The Raid" . In this scenario 3 mechanized columns will enter the town of Rufee from the North, South and East to look for insurgents, arms caches, weapons of mass destruction, money and wanted war criminals. Here I will try to show you some of the action.

And overview of the town which has over 30 building most of which are from the Miniature Building Authority before the Americans enter.

North Column (Hal Dyson)

Hal enters the north side of town and sets about searching the tent area.

Troops flush out and capture Chemical Allie in the tent area

Hals armed Hummvee takes fire from a buildings second story window

Marines deal with the insurgent, and rush buildings courtyard capturing Russian arms dealer Ivan Cuturcockoff trying to make his getaway.

Unfortunately Hals Marines Stopped just short of one of the main objectives Chemical weapons were in the caves behind the SUV

South Column (Stan Johansen)

Hummvee ones troops dismount and move to a group of men loading truck to question them.

Trailing armed Hummvee takes fire from insurgents at windows

Troops dismount to deal with the insurgents but insurgents take out .50cal gunner.

2 Insurgents dead in windows, Marines on left foreground will end up in hand to hand combat as they pass courtyard and into building, while the others continue to secure street

The lead unit continues to question civilians, Intelligence gathered form these people and others will lead the Americans to the weapons cache and bank. When I post the rules on the web site it will have a full description of the intelligence gathering rules which work great, and could be applied to any period of gaming. 

Suicide bomber bursts out of door and throws himself against the Hummvee but device fails to go off. Rules for the suicide bombers will also be on the basic rule set.

Insurgent takes out lead Hummvee with and RPG, while insurgent behind crates fires at Marines coming down the street.

Fleeing civilian vehicle is blocked by KO'd Hummvee.

East column Tom Davis

Tom's two Marines try to force door and set off Booby Trap. Doors can be opened with small charges but this could take 1 or more moves using Mikes 50/50 move.

As Tom's Hummvee's enter plaza RPG takes out his .50 cal Hummvee.

As Marines try to clear build and keep the news crew safe another booby trap goes off on second floor entrance, Marines also had to deal with civilian truck approaching the Hummvee

More fire from insurgents on the second floor 

Tom enters Plaza in force

Tom's unit takes fire from the Mosque and he fires at it with his TOW OH well so much for and American win

Intelligence pinpoints the location of the Arms Cache and the TOW also takes out that building.

TOW has just fired at arms cache building, destroying it.

Due to the destruction of the Mosque the Americans lost.

Insurgent players Fred Manzo, Mark Dawkins and Dave, sorry Dave never got last name.

Mike Vogell with First place award for his game.

Stan Johansen Sculptor, and Mike Vogell, Rules Author.
Mike passed on Febuary 11th 2016 friends for 52 years.