RECON 2019

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Photos From RECON 2019 - April 26th - 28th Kissimme,  FL

Photos by Bill Hogan

SJM Games "Road Rage" Post Apocalyptic game "King of the Hill"

Objective: 6 Four car teams compete for control of a water pumping station on the hill.

Head ons are a no win for both

2 cars miss their control rolls and vere off the ramp

Ladies first Brynna Pridgen Makes it to the hill first. One of the ramps takes fire but remains in tack

Another truck misses ramp and is out of the game while another misses the ramp but recovers

More cars make the hill

Mikes force arrived late  on the board and fights his way to the top eventually winning the game.

SJM Modern "Head Them Off at the Pass" Afghanistan

Objective: 1st air cav and 75th mountain Batt. Must stop a Tailiban column with high explosives make it to a narrow pass.


Black Hawks drop off the 75th on 2 out croppings at the head of the pass, while the Tailiban moves down the road.

1st Air Cav lands and dismount 2 Chinooks, and face heavy fire fron Tailiban MGs

Some great photos from Bill Hogan, they look real. Thanks Bill!

2 Chinooks made it in and out safely

My favorite photo. and a wider view of the action on turn 3

75th lands on the right but must repell down on the left