RECON 2017

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Home Up Hurricon 2016

RECON 2017 - May 4th thru 7th

New Venue
Park Inn by Radisson
3011 Maingate Lane, Kissimmee, FL 34747

The new venue is a winner congrats to the BOD. Huge well lit room for the dealers and miniature games. Separate rooms for the Path Finder Society, role players and naval games and extra space for pickup games not on the PEL.

This pic gives you and idea of how large the room is despite high ceilings
the lighting was great and the sound level was good even with my hearing
I could hear all the players in my games.

Here are some of the Friday games

Colonial game

dystopian war game

FIW game by Bob Moon

Micro Armor

Wagram Nap. game

Wagram continued into Saturday

Pig Wars setup

Priate game demos were on all weekend

Pulp games were popular this show

Many colonial powers battle for supremacy on some incredible scenery

US troops fighting on all sides

More incredible scenery for this pulp si fi qame

Zombie game setup

Saturday games

Safari game

Howard Whitehouse GMs a pulp game in darkest Africa.

Colonial game.

Teaching the Congo game

Fantasy Game

Chip's Pulp Game

My Road Rage "Death Race" game cars on the starting line. Parked vehicles will be used at
Historicon in a Post apocalyptic scavenger game.

Going down the straightaway.

73 turns on his smoke generator causing 58 to make a drivers check and making it harder to target anyone.

69 tries to take a turn to fast and goes into a roll over hits a generator and bursts into flames, followed by taxi 692 who takes a hard skid into fire while car 70 Roger Vaughn goes on to win his pardon.

My 28mm Modern Jihad game. A re-enforced US squad are supporting a CIA principle and his body guards run The Gauntlet through a ISIS held boarder town.

On move 1 Lead vehicle with the special ops team encounters a roadblock they did not count on. But the early dawn run finds most of the enemy still asleep.

ISIS range rover crashes into Humvee disabling both vehicles. While the armoured Humvee makes a n end run for the border.

2.5 ton rams MATV 50 disabling it special ops leader killed when head shot is not stopped by his helmet

Special ops team makes for Humvee

Armored Humvee crosses border with principal who was switched from the SUV to it at the start of the game.
US forces won this one but suffer heavy casualties and lost 3 of their 5 vehicles.

Great Convention and great games, thanks to the BOD and the players.

Stan Johansen