Death Race 2

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The second Death Race was played on Sat. the 26th. The first race drew so much attention there were 7 drivers in the second race and we had to schedule a third game on Sunday.

We have had a lot of people ask about the buildings we used in the game. It is a software program used to make buildings for model railroading, here is the link

Convicts receive there numbers and cars

5309 Steve Niedergeses
212 Roger Vaughn
6 Larry Dimmit
876 Robert Morse who's son Dylan challenged dad best him
1138 Donavan Wagner
777 Carlos Wagner
601 James Rodrigo

And they are off.

Car 876 takes the lead by hitting hit Nitro and 777 slams 1138

876 takes a hard skid into turn 1 but it helps put him in a better position

You can see the lead the nitro gives 876 on the rest of the pack

Bad news for the pack as they all hit the 1st turn at the same time.
5309 t-bones 212

t-bone results in 5309 staling out and 212 spinning out and staling and catching fire, in addition 6 is damaged and spun around and 777 takes some damage.

As 876 comes into the second turn the warden springs a death head on him
but he advoids it. 616 picks up offensive weapons,

1138 gets defensive weapons and drop and oil slick as 601 rear ends 1138 but because they were at same speed no damage was done.

5309 and 212 restart and 6 turns around and try to catch up to the leaders.
601 hits oil and almost skids off the track while 777 and 1138 manage to get around heaths head.

6 rear ends 3309 doing minir damage to both cars. 777 gets offensive weapons.
876 fires at 1138 doing 6 pts of damage
777 fires at 876 doing 2 pts damage

All cars going flat out trying to catch the leader

Pushing the speed limits on the turn 601 loses it and rolls over taking him out of the race

876 still in lead of lap 2 turn 1 but 1138 and 777 are close on his heels.

1138 drops smoke to slow down 777

But 1138 hard skids off the track in turn 1 due to his high speed allowing 777 to take over second place

777's speed finally does him in after a hard skid he hits some rubble and sails into a building

in this shot the car is actually in the building which has caught on fire.

Warden Phil give winner Robert Morse his pardon and a $20.00 gift certificate from Stan Johansen Miniatures And the bonus of bragging rights over his son who wrecked in the first race.