Death Race 2

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Recon 2010 Death Race 3 & 4

The Third Death Race was played on Friday the April 30th 2010 at Recon 2010. 7 Prisoners competed for a Pardon and gift certificate from Stan Johansen Miniatures.

If you would like a set of the road tiles we used to make the track seen in this game click here Roads 2 Nowhere tiles created by Scrying Eye Games.

#94 Donovan Wagner
#6 Carlos Wagner
#5309 Daniel Webber
#212 Jared Ratoff
#601 Tom Rice
#777 Steve Niedergeses
#1138 Roger Vaughn

Warden Phil Goes over the Road Rage Rules with the players

Cars Line up for the Start.

5309 lateral slams 6 which in turn slams 777

212 Rear ends  601 which lateral slams 94 while in the second row 6 lateral slams 777

94 gets weapons and shoots at 601, 6 rear ends 212 and 1138 Rear ends 777.

Cars maneuver for weapons activation pad

601 loses control after being hit and fired at going off track.
6 is wrecked  but still coasting to a stop

6 ends up sideways on track as other drivers try to avoid him

6 still coasting purposely turns head on into 777  tsaing out both cars 

Coming into the first turn 94 fires flamer at 5309 but does not set him on fire,

5309 loses control going through turn skidding,

1138 tries to make the turn going to fast and rolls over and catching fire taking him out of the race.

94 lays down more fire in the path 212 while 212 blasts him with twin .50 MGs

94 and 212 exchange fire while 5309 brings up the rear.

Leaders try to negotiate rubble strewn turn.

94 struggles to keep control through rubble all the while exchanging fire with 212.

Stepping up there speed to gain first place 94 losses control skidding off the track into a wrecked car. As 212 pulls ahead to win the race.

Prisoner 212 Jared Ratoff takes his last inmate photo before Warder Phil presents him with his pardon

The second Death Race at Recon Saturday May 1st 2010

5309 Rob Morse
94 Robbie Gunn
1138 Donovan Wagner
601 Calvin Lowee
58 Trach "Crash" Marcum
6 Carlos Wagner
777James Neul

And there off

After the first race Crash chaos drivers try to maneuver for lead

heading into turn 1

Skidding going into the first turn

777 Catches fire

Car 5309 skids out of control and crashes into building

Another car bites the dust

Warden Phil presents pardon and prize to Robbie Gunn


We have had a lot of people ask about the buildings we used in the game. It is a software program used to make buildings for model railroading, here is the link