Jihad US troops

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Home Up Jihad Afghan

28mm Jihad miniatures

US troops Figures come unpainted e-mail for quotes on painted sets.

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Special Jihad Sale deals save $2.50 per pack  

We can modify any set to fit your needs just email us and let us 
know what you need, for availability and price.

Jihad08 US Set 1 - 5 figures - $15.00
Radio Operator, SAW gunner, Firing M-16, Advancing M-16
Arm out right arm separate 3 choices M-16 up not shown and M-16 with Grenade launcher shown top
also arm carrying M-16 by handle 


Jihad09 US Set 2 - 5 figures - $15.00
Running Gun up w/Grenade launcher, running gun down gun seperate, SAW gunner advancing, running,Crouching
On First 2 figures Rifle with hands plug into arms


Jihad10 - 4 figures - $10.00 Casualty Counters - Insurgents 1 heavy wound 1light wound, US troops 1 light wound, 1 heavy wound


Jihad14 - US set 3 - $15.00 will be available at Historicon
Contains 5 US figures prone firing M-16, prone firing SAW, Kneeling firing M-16, Kneeling firing LAW, and Standing firing AT4.


Jihad19 sniper set - 1 US officer w/A4 and alternate arm with A4 scoped, US sniper w/Remington model 70, US sniper w/.50 cal, Iraqi sniper w/Dragonov, Jihadist w/Dragonov. $15.00


Jihad33 US set 4 - 6 US troops with update gear and weapons. $18.00


Single figures


Jihad23 US w/shotgun $3.00 

Jihad28 US officer w/binoculars  $3.00

Jihad29 Marine with SMAW 3.50


Jihad34 M240 $3.50 

Jihad35 M60 $3.50 

Jihad36 SAW kneeling $3.50 


Jihad24 .50cal with gunner  $5.00 
This figure is designed to be a vehicle crew gunner


Jihad26 .50cal with gunner  $5.00 
This figure is designed to be a vehicle crew gunner

Jihad25 81mm extended range mortar and 2 crew $10.00 



Jihad17  $6.00 contains 3 .50 cal MG's with 2 floor mounts and 1 Tripod
You can request all floor mounts if you want.


Jihad21 American small arms $10.00 10 pieces as shown
LAW, SMAW, AT-4, SAW, M-203, M-16, M-4, M-60, pump shotgun, .50 cal 


Entire purchase price going to the Disabled American Veterans.
This will continue for the entire run of the figure and we will be adding figures annually.

Miniature comes with weapon separate
Jihad37 Women Warrior M16 $3.50 


Miniature comes with weapon separate
Jihad37 Women Warrior Pistol and medic bag $3.50  


Miniature comes with weapon separate
Jihad37 Women Warrior Shotgun $3.50  


Miniature comes with weapon separate
Jihad37 Women Warrior M4 $3.50  


Jihad39 - US K-9 - $10.00 
Miniatures comes with left leash arm, pistol and empty right arm


Jihad51 - CIA team - $10.00 
Male and female field agents and Blackwater bodyguard
Left arms 1 empty, 1 pointing and 1 pistol. Right arms with cell phone, Pistol, Binoculars,  and M-16
See some possible variants below.


Special Squad Deal only $2.50 per figure
US squads Officer 3 fire teams with 1 Grenade Launcher, 1 LT MG, 2 Riflemen pack contains the following:
13 figures - 1 Officer, 3 GL, 3 lt MG, firing AT4, 5 w/Assault rifles one with radio.
Some figures are cast arms separate. $32.50
You may request squad make up from above Inf. figures otherwise we will make up pack.


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Figures may contain lead keep out of children's reach.

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