Jihad Insurgents

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Home Up Jihad US troops

28mm Jihad miniatures
All in Stock - all set this page come unpainted.

Painted sets now available these sets are painted as ordered and take between 7 and 10 days to ship.

Jihad02 Insurgent set 1 $15.00
5 Insurgents: 4 advancing with AK's, 1 advancing with RPG


Jihad02 Insurgent set 1 Painted $40.00


Jihad03 Insurgent set 2 $15.00  (front and back view)
5 Insurgents: 2 running with AK's, 1 firing AK, 1 Leader with Pistol and Russian Frag grenade, 
1 running with AKS74 reaching in bag for grenade


Jihad03 Insurgent set 2 painted $40.00  (front and back view)


Jihad04 Insurgent Mortar set $10.00  (front and back view)
1 Gunner, 1 Loader, 1 3 piece 60mm mortar


Jihad04 Insurgent Mortar set Painted $20.00  (front and back view)


- 5 insurgents in western para military dress - $15.00


Jihad07 - 5 insurgents in western para military dress - Painted $45.00


Jihad10 - 4 figures - $10.00 Casualty Counters - Insurgents 1 heavy wound 1 light wound, 
US troops 1 light wound, 1 heavy wound


Jihad10 - 4 figures - Painted $32.00


Jihad11 Insurgent set 3 $15.00 Contains an advancing, kneeling and prone firing 
Russian lt. MG, Kneeling firing grenade launcher and prone firing AK.


Jihad11 Insurgent set 3 - Painted $45.00 


Jihad18  $6.00 contains 3 DShK Russian  MG's with 2 floor mounts and 1 Tripod

You can request all floor mounts if you want.


Jihad19 sniper set - 1 US officer w/A4 and alternate arm with A4 scoped, US sniper w/Remington model 70, US sniper w/.50 cal, Iraqi sniper w/Dragonov, Jihadist w/Dragonov. $15.00


Jihad19 sniper set - $45.00 painted


Jihad20 Russian small arms 8 pieces as shown $8.00



Jihad22 Insurgent Leader $3.00 


Jihad22 Insurgent Leader $10.00 painted



Jihad27 Russian Heavy MG with Crew  $10.00 
Set comes with both tripod mount and pedestal mount to make technical's


Jihad27 Russian Heavy MG with Crew  $25.00 painted
On pedestal mount


Jihad32 Resin Toyota Pickup $20.00


Jihad 32p Toyota Pickup assembled and painted $45.00
You can request any color or we will do it black.
Vehicle will be aged and weathered.


Jihad38 - 5 insurgents in western dress - 15.00
Can be used as Private contractors also.


Jihad38 - 5 Painted insurgents in western dress - 45.00


Jihad40 - 10 ISIS insurgents  - $25.00 limited time price


  Samples of launchers using our Jihad54 African Rebels set 2
Jihad55   4 Russian SA-18 Grouse AA launchers $5.00


We can modify any set to fit your needs just email us and let us know what you need, for availability and price.

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Special Jihad Sale deals save $2.50 per pack  



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